#020: SketchUp, Fusion 360 and Amazon Reviews

Welcome to the last show of Season 2! We’re chatting about all sorts today. Andy finally has a new phone so we’re chatting a bit about tech. Are Amazon reviews broken? We hear about review scams encountered in the run-up to Christmas. What should you start on – SketchUp or Fusion 360 or something else? We also have one very last brief chat about qualifications and discover how, if you work hard, you too could earn over £0.5m per year working for an exam board. Have a fantastic 2019 and catch up for Season 3, provisionally 25th Feb! Access the aftershow at: https://www.patreon.com/measuringuppodcast

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#019: We’re Not Ready. Merry Christmas 2018!

It’s Christmas Eve 2018 and the penultimate episode of this season! Peter’s had to cut MDF himself like some sort of animal and has even made some proper joints in actual wood. In the run-up to Christmas it’s all hands on deck to get customer jobs finished ready for the big day. We’re discussing the challenges of filming or photographing your work on site with poor lighting. Andy’s been geeking out on his web site, fondly remembering why he got out of IT. Ever wondered how much we pay for MDF? Find out in this episode. We’re also thinking about all the things we could make if, shudder the thought, we went full-time on YouTube. A very Merry Christmas from both of us! Access the aftershow at: https://www.patreon.com/measuringuppodcast

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#018: Hoarding, MDF & Packaging Projects

Hoarding often goes hand-in-hand with woodworking – whether it’s tools or materials it’s just part of the job. Today we’re having a bit of a chat about the implications of hoarding. We also discuss MDF and are asking the question, is it safe to burn MDF? Of course when you’ve finished building projects for clients you often need to package them up, so we’re opening up the exciting world of packaging! We’re also chatting about proportions for joinery projects – are there any definitive rules for getting it right? Access the aftershow at: https://www.patreon.com/measuringuppodcast

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#017: Brexit Clickbait… and Joinery Apprenticeships

We’ve had quite a bit of follow-up about the state of joinery education and apprenticeships… and we’re not much further forward. Keep the comments coming and we’ll get to the bottom of this! There’s a new ‘Contact’ link on the web site. We’re chatting about the cost of an alcove unit vs the cost a concert ticket and how you can’t possibly be making any money if you’re charging some of the rates often discussed on Mumsnet. Oh, and Brexit… very briefly. Access the aftershow at: https://www.patreon.com/measuringuppodcast

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#016: More Space or More Time?

Whole mix of joinery stuff on today’s show! We’ve got a bit of follow-up on the joinery education discussion and sadly no follow-up on the women in construction side. We’re also chatting about slippy glue joints, clamps, lack of space vs lack of time, bad audio on YouTube, the grain of MDF and some exciting news about Makers Central next year! Access the aftershow at: https://www.patreon.com/measuringuppodcast

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