About the Show

The Measuring Up Podcast is the UK’s first and favourite commercial joinery podcast. The show is hosted by Andy MacLellan (Gosforth Handyman on YouTube) and Peter Millard (10 Minute Workshop on YouTube) discussing the world of commercial woodworking from a UK perspective but to an international audience. Andy and Peter chat about everything from winning customers through to tool talk and the daily challenges of self employment. It’s very much a “2 blokes talking” style of podcast. The show is completely independent and privately funded via Patreon. Between their two YouTube channels, Andy & Peter have clocked up over 13 million video views and almost 100,000 subscribers.

Show Frequency

Patreon supporters get a weekly show and if Patreon isn’t for you the public show goes out every 2 weeks – first thing on a Monday ready for your morning commute! We run the show in seasons normally with 10 public episodes per season.


The show is available through all common podcasting platforms and apps including:


At the time of writing we’ve had almost 250 5-star reviews on iTunes. Thank you to everyone who has left us a review – it has really taken our breath away. You’re all utterly awesome!

iTunes Reviews

Nerdy Stats

In terms of show geography, it’s very much UK-based content but to an international audience. 71% of listeners are from the UK, 10% from the States, 4% from Australia and the remainder spread throughout the EU and rest of the planet.


80% of listeners use mobile applications to listen to the show. Over 50% are using some form of Apple device.


All stats and figures correct as of November 2018.