#033: Strangest Handyman Jobs?

Welcome back! Later on in the show we’re talking about some of our strangest encounters back in the days of doing handyman work. We’re also chatting about modern lives where information is fed to us via new mediums such as YouTube, podcasts and social media. Is there life after YouTube? How do you go back to working a normal job when you’re ‘YouTube famous’?? We’ve also got some really exciting news for you all – the show is now weekly for all Patreon supporters! If you don’t want to do the Patreon thing you can still listen to the usual show every 2 weeks but we’re ditching the aftershow in favour of a proper extra weekly show instead. Patreon supporters can listen to the weekly show at: https://www.patreon.com/measuringuppodcast

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#032: We’re Early!

Peter and Andy are off to be media tarts at a special YouTube event so we’re recording the show a bit early this week. We’re covering all sorts today including procrastination and working without distractions (in Costa), Peter’s gone back to using a roller and hates it, we chat about price conditioning and setting expectations for your clients. Not to mention VAT, tax evasion and MFT hole spacing. Patreon supporters can listen to the aftershow at: https://www.patreon.com/measuringuppodcast

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