Hall of Fame

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Adrian Millington
Andrew Cartlidge
Andrew Marnell
Andy Farmer
Ben Harker
Brendan (The Shade’s Workshop)
Caspar van der Burgh
Chris Davison
Chris Stokesmore
Darren McEvilly
David Chisnall
Dominique Cozijnsen
Douglas Deal
Eddy Carroll
Graham Bailey
Harry Capper
James Hewett
James Ian Wilson
James’ Mancave
James Taylor
Jason Hook
Jay Wong
John T Lynch
Kevin Miller
Kevin Steer
Kris Mark Duthie
Marc Duff
Max Wiertz
Mike Broome
Mike Parsons (Untested Woodworker)
Owen Bullock
Paul Gardner
Peace of timber
Peter Toan
Rakesh Patel
Randall Davis
Steve Avery
The Strawbyte Workshop
Tim Bowers
Tony Carnell
Wayne Gilbert
Wilson Chan

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